Sequencing (or synchronizing)

Not only are parts managed to assort with accuracy and right inventory,

but also tight deadline needs to be met in response to fast production pace.

IT ERP : DSCM (Digital Supplychain Management)

Working process

Carefully lift the pallet.
Lift the dolly according to the specified standards.
Carefully lift the pallet.
Back off and move another dolly lap.
View parts need to replenish.
Put it on the right location.
View BC trigger on WMS system.
Pick part and scan completed.
Check part number need to replenish.
Replenish part to the right location.
Scan Receive part follow the PUS Number.
Attach FIFO tag to the right part number and Qty
Coordinate with inplant worker to acknowledge the need part groups.
Issue shipping manifest Documents and Confirm ship.
Check part number and label rotation must be the same on summary sheet.
Scan part completed and confirm QA.